HOSTEC has a dedicated team with extensive knowledge and a wealth of experience in managing Hotel operations. We follow the philosophy that customers are professionals and deserve to be treated that way. The diverse expertise of our team allows us to provide professional service in all areas of a Hotel Management to ensure your vision becomes a reality.

HOSTEC will provide well integrated e-Commerce solutions to maximize revenue from all available channels. We implement an aggressive Yield management solution to identify performance gaps and offer strategies to fill them. Our aim is to deliver increased RevPAR growth through GDS, direct as well as third party channels.

The key to success of Sales & Marketing is to be able to stand out in a crowd. Our team has well trained professionals with years of experience. They have been involved with Sales & Marketing plan from the development stage to the final implementation, which gives them a sense of ownership and thus ensure its success. We team with key Destination partners, target region specific as well as International events to participate to give a higher exposure. Our Corporate team collaborates closely to guide and assist at all stages.

We, at HOSTEC, believe in tying up with reputed media outlets. Hence, more than quantity, the quality of communications takes precedence. We engage different sources of media from print to web based. We ensure appropriate responses are prepared at crucial times. We build partnerships with key industry and local businesses.

HOSTEC has a dedicated Advisory service for Food & Beverage concepts. The team is experienced in rolling out an F&B product, right from the stage of choosing location, to visualizing concept, design, architecture, pre-opening and operation. This Corporate team will provide hands on support to Operations in all aspects of their business.

In today’s world, for most travelers, Spa & Wellness forms an important part of their journey. The trip is incomplete without a touch of this well-being. HOSTEC prides in being able to develop innovative Spa & Wellness concepts, that suits the locality and tradition of the client. Intense Training and development is ensured to maintain the Spa operation at high level of quality.

We shall help you take care of those who take care of your Business! That’s our philosophy. HOSTEC has the expertise to not only acquire quality Talent, but it also has the tools and methodology to nurture and develop them. We assist inattracting the best talent and also provide access to some of the best Training and Development programs for their growth.

HOSTEC partners with some of the leading Information Technology leaders to provide state of the art cloud-based Hospitality solutions. This has proved to be the best-suited option for enhancing revenue through cost-effective means. The solution thus provided is also secure and less time consuming. The integration between various modules of a Hotel Operation becomes seamless and instant.

It is integral that all functions of a Hotel business have to communicate effortlessly among each other in Real time. Hence, it is important that the integration between all these modules are smooth and effective. HOSTEC provides well established cloud-based Finance, Procurement and HR modules. The main module is programmed to handle the day to day functions of Finance and Administration. In addition to the standard monthly Financial Reporting package, cash flow analysis, Budgets and Forecasts, we customize specialized reports as per Owner’s requirement. At the same time, a subsidiary of HOSTEC called MDS carries out extensive internal audit functions to ensure that the Business ethics is safeguarded and all the Policies and Procedures of the Hotel is strictly implemented.

HOSTEC can provide professional Risk Analysis report for the Owner to study and take action. With millions and billions at stake, the most important aspect for every Owner becomes Asset Protection. We provide all necessary tools to ensure taking care of the assets as well as enhancing its value. In addition we provide consultation for CCTV, Life, Health and Fire Safety. We have the expertise to assist in acquiring best Insurance plans for Property as well as Life and Health Plans. We assist in preparing Business Continuity and Crisis Management Plans.

We setup Contracts and Agreements at Corporate Level to ensure that our clients have a better Purchasing power. This ultimately transforms to better savings and a healthier bottom line for you. A division of HOSTEC is dedicated to acquiring quality products at the most optimal price. We have collaborated with key players for some of the Operating supplies, thus giving us a positive price advantage in the market.

One of the most important factors for Asset protection is smooth functioning of Engineering Operations. This not only saves downtime of business, but ultimately the profitability of the Hotel. Our Corporate team works closely with the Operations to ensure that all areas of Engineering function efficiently. In addition, every opportunity to save energy, be it as simple as LED lights to more complex building maintenance software, is adapted. We force positive community engagement and self-sustainability.

HOSTEC has a team dedicated to provide expertise in all stages of a Hotel Development Project, right from theDesigning stage. We engage assistance in the bidding process, through the negotiation, until the final selection, so as to ensure the Project costs are optimal to its quality. Our team will carry out periodic site visits to ensure every consultant and contractor is delivering their promise.