With experience gained over years of working in the Hospitality Sector, HOSTEC team takes privilege in offering Hospitality products that can make your Property stand apart. From large Hotels, cruise lines, hospitals to simple B&Bs, we can help create a fresh new look and atmosphere by providing stylish and innovative Equipment and Supplies.

Indoor Furniture

Be it the lobby, restaurant or room, the first thing a guest observes is the furniture. The quality, finish and appeal of the furniture laid out can create the best impression in the mind of your customer. The Bed base and frames, lobby hardware, and all other furniture should not only be heart-warming, but should also spell operational efficiency.

Outdoor Furniture

Filling up with furniture in your garden, pool or balconies is easy. However, weaving the functionality and design to a perfect harmony is what HOSTEC does. The type of furniture sourced by us gives a timeless elegance and quality to the outdoor area. We can source out the best fit based on the space and layout at your premises.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting plays a very important role in determining the ambience of an area, whether it is the guest room, lobby, restaurant, Spa or other recreational areas. It sets the mood and generates a positive atmosphere as soon as you step in. A good lighting solution can not only add value to your property, but also reduce costs if chosen well.

Outdoor Lighting

We take pride in being able to provide energy efficient outdoor lighting solutions, certified by third party organizations. We ensure that in addition to the efficiency of the outdoor lighting system, they are also able to keep pace in times of reducing emissions, energy saving and keen on environmental protection and sustainability.

In-Room Accessories

The Trading Division of HOSTEC can procure high quality In-room accessories like hair dryers, bins, minibars, kettles, safes and other essentials which are bound to provide satisfaction to your customers. We intend to accessorize Hotel rooms with products that are rated high in quality, in a way that your guest feels at Home.

Guest Amenities

Among all Hotel Equipment and Supplies, Guest amenities are considered as the unsung heroes. The look, feel and quality of these amenities can either make you a star or quietly reject you. The experience of guests’ stay is rated on the basis of the quality of amenities provided as well, to a great extent.

Housekeeping Equipment's

Cleanliness of a Hotel can make or break a business. This will have a lasting impression on guests’ mind. HOSTEC team can procure good quality Housekeeping equipment, certified by third party organizations, that will enable the Hotel team to perform their task with ease and produce best results to the aspect of cleanliness of Guest rooms and Public areas.

Bed & Bath Linen

Feeling of Home away from Home, is one of the expectations that every guest has when they stay at a Hotel. Once settled in their room after a good meal, soft and cozy linen, whether it is after bath accessories or sleep time accessories, is what one really looks forward to. There are very few other essentials that makes one feel at Home! We ensure you score on this.

F&B Tabletops

What adorns a Dining Table, Jewels? Yes, in a way. Glassware, Flatware, Hollowware, cutleries, you name it. These are some of the jewels that create the magic in addition to the taste laid out in front of the guest. HOSTEC’s trading division has tied up with some of the best in this industry. We source them to match with your design and specifications.

Buffet & Kitchen SOE

Setting up a Kitchen could be a substantial investment and quite mind-boggling. You not only want it to be functional, but also safe and effective. Rest assured, we can acquire top of the line equipment that will be the best-fit for the design of your Kitchen. HOSTEC also provides the latest buffet equipment sourced from some of the best manufacturers.

Spa & Wellness Supplies

The concept of a Spa & Wellness center is based on improving the quality of life with positive benefits that will increase peace of mind, spirituality and physical well-being. It should stimulate all your five senses in harmony. Apart from the design and atmosphere, the next most important requirement is of equipment and supplies.

Chemical & Cleaning Supplies

One of the divisions of HOSTEC provides chemical and cleaning supplies that are compliant with OH&S (occupational health & safety) directives and environment protection. The products are HACCP approved. On signing up, our team ensures that all the end users are trained appropriately to the usage of the supplies.